Awardwinning soundinstallations since 2004. Masterthesis in experimental soundshaping and synthesis 2010.


Europetours with various formations as clarinetist and multiinstrumentalist, electronic as well as acoustic genres, festivalgigs, soundart, soundscapes.


A numerous of releases on vinyl, tape, cd, radio shows, movie soundtrack, theatremusic.


Additional experience in sound design, stage management, sound engineering live and in the studio, event organization.


Lena Wenta (*1985, Thorn, Poland) creates sound sculptures and plays as a clarinetist and multi-instrumentalist in various formations, concerts and tours at European level.

As a composer and musician, she designed and performed music for various theater productions such as ‚Traum eines Narren‘ or ‚Adele Spitzeder‘, as well as short feature films such as ‚Ghosts‘ or ‚Der Garten‘, while studying classical North Indian music with Sebastian Dreyer for several years.

She grew up in Bonn and the surrounding area, where she won the Beethoven Bonnensis Youth Support Prize in 2004 with her first sound installation „The Blossom of the Deaf Seed“. In order to deepen her passionate relationship with sound and music, she moved to Berlin to study the newly emerged Sound Studies Master at the University of Arts. She has stayed ever since in the German capital further developing her performative skills, as well as technical mediums to explore the fields of sonic design and sculpturing.

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